Cassava flour can be utilized in an even proportion to supplant


custard flour, however its fiber content gives it marginally all the more thickening force. Subsequently, you ought to diminish or dispose of any extra thickening fixings.

3. Potato starch

Potato starch is without gluten tapioca flour and can supplant custard flour. Notwithstanding, it has a heavier consistency and may bring about a denser item, contingent upon what you’re cooking.

In case you’re utilizing a limited quantity to thicken a sauce or stew you can basically trade it in a 1:1 proportion.

In case you’re utilizing a bigger amount for something like a preparing blend, there’s somewhat more mystery included.

Have a go at taking the measure of custard flour your formula calls for and diminishing it by around 25–half. Supplant the custard with this amount of potato starch and include some extra of some other flour-like fixings to compensate for any shortfall in all out volume.


Potato starch makes a decent substitute for custard flour yet may bring about an a lot denser last item.

4. Universally handy flour

Universally handy flour can supplant custard flour in a 1:1 proportion in many plans, however the surface may contrast contingent upon what you’re utilizing it for.

Custard flour makes a brilliant, lustrous completion when utilized as a thickener for flavors, soups, and sauces. Similar dishes thickened with universally handy flour will take on to a greater degree a matte completion and more blunt shading.

You presumably need to change your cooking time, as well.

Custard flour is flavorless and blends rapidly, yet generally useful flour needs to cook somewhat longer to dispose of the powder-like surface it has when it’s crude.

Remember that generally useful flour is produced using wheat and contains gluten. Hence, it’s an unsatisfactory trade for custard in case you’re attempting to keep your formula sans gluten.


Generally useful flour might be utilized as a substitution for custard flour in an even proportion, however it might marginally change the shading, appearance, and cooking season of your formula. Universally handy flour contains gluten and is wrong for use in sans gluten plans.

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